Tips and Hints

We know you’ll love the experience of watching your fish swim and play using Captain Gill’s Look In Sea®!
But to get the most out of your experience, we’ve provided some handy tips to ensure your viewing pleasure lasts for years to come.

Opening the Package

We package Captain Gill’s Look In Sea® in a way that ensures safe and secure shipping, so take your time when opening it. Be sure handle the lens carefully once it’s out of the packaging.

Before Installing Captain Gill’s Look In Sea®

Thoroughly clean your aquarium glass with rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or other glass cleaner before applying the suction cup. Cleaning the glass will ensure the best application possible, and minimize of the chances of your new Captain Gill’s Look In Sea® falling to the floor and possibly damaging it.

Care and Cleaning of your Lens

We recommend occasionally cleaning the lens to remove dirt and dust build up. Simply blow the dust off the lens, apply eyeglass cleaner, and gently dry with a soft cloth in a circular pattern.

Training your Fish

Yes, you can train your fish with Captain Gill’s Look In Sea™!
Fish are naturally shy creatures. It may take several weeks before they become accustomed to the lens on their tank. To help them along, you can try these techniques:

  • Feed your fish directly above the lens
  • Reward them with a bit of food when they swim into view

Training your fish is lots of fun, and feels great when they start responding to your efforts!

Detecting Problems

You can even use this powerful magnifying tool to help detect some health problems your fish might have. Detecting a sick fish early means you get a chance to start them back to health before things get worse.
Common fish diseases and parasites you can spot with Captain Gill’s Look In Sea® include:

  • Tail Rot
  • Fungus
  • Ick
  • Worms
  • Flukes
  • And more

Keep your fish healthy while having fun with Captain Gill’s Look In Sea®!

Have any tips about using Captain Gill’s Look In Sea® that you’d like to share? Email them to us and we might just post them on our website!